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British #NationalPoetryDay

I am reliably informed that it is the British #NationalPoetryDay. Dare we hope that Chaz Brenchley will honor us with a poem for the occasion? I think we dare! Let us raise our glasses of French Wine and Scotch Whisky while we still have them cheap to all the poets out there! … Continue…British #NationalPoetryDay

Pom Pom is a Shaggy Dog

Funny, Romantic (love at first bite, devotion forever) and kinky enough to satisfy in four scenes or less. … Continue…Pom Pom is a Shaggy Dog

My Newest Favorite Writer

It’s not my intent to obsess about politics here (I do that enough on my own time, thanks). Nevertheless, Tom Scocca writes a fair bit about politlcs (obligatory, I suppose,

@ChazBrenchley on Medium

Chaz Brenchley is posted on Medium.com … Continue…@ChazBrenchley on Medium