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Hello everyone, and welcome to Writers Drinking Coffee. This is a blog based on writers sitting around, drinking coffee and writing about anything and everything. It’s a companion to, and extension of, the Writers Drinking Coffee Podcast.

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The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast’s fiction series

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast’s fiction series is buying short stories (up to 5000 words) with historic settings featuring queer female characters, and where any romantic or erotic relationships within the setting are between women. … Continue…The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast’s fiction series

British #NationalPoetryDay

I am reliably informed that it is the British #NationalPoetryDay. Dare we hope that Chaz Brenchley will honor us with a poem for the occasion? I think we dare! Let us raise our glasses of French Wine and Scotch Whisky while we still have them cheap to all the poets out there! … Continue…British #NationalPoetryDay

Pom Pom is a Shaggy Dog

Funny, Romantic (love at first bite, devotion forever) and kinky enough to satisfy in four scenes or less. … Continue…Pom Pom is a Shaggy Dog

My Newest Favorite Writer

It’s not my intent to obsess about politics here (I do that enough on my own time, thanks). Nevertheless, Tom Scocca writes a fair bit about politlcs (obligatory, I suppose,

@ChazBrenchley on Medium

Chaz Brenchley is posted on Medium.com … Continue…@ChazBrenchley on Medium