British #NationalPoetryDay

I am reliably informed that it is the British #NationalPoetryDay. Dare we hope that Chaz Brenchley will honor us with a poem for the occasion? I think we dare! Let us raise our glasses of French Wine and Scotch Whisky while we still have them cheap to all the poets out there!


ECLIPSE by Chaz Brenchley

An eclipse is sheltering,

the shadow of another body

between you and a hard sun.

Lovers eclipse one another


standing in each other’s light

and in that timeless twilight

no birds sing

so they can hear the beat of each other’s blood against the silence.

And is it any wonder


that we should chase eclipses of our own

to snatch a taste of it

and feel obscurely threatened by the size of it

the rush of it

the moon’s shadow and how we run to stand within it

at that place, that time

that angle to the sun?

And it’s not about the sun

though we pretend with pinhole cameras

pinhole sentiments

it’s about what comes between the sun and us

graceful, monumental, undelayed

the urgency of moment

and it trails its shadow like a disregarded veil

that falls across us because we have run to be there

but it’s not about the shadow, nor the light.

It’s about us, as it always is, our bodies in their perilous orbits

and how we chase that touch of perfect balance

eye to eye

lit only by each other.

It’s all about eclipses, in the end.

Lovers have always known this. We can learn.

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