Episode 106 – Cliff Winnig Reads a Story

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill each holding a drink and floating in the number 100 with the title Writers Drinking Coffee below

Cliff Winnig joins Jeannie in the coffee lounge to read a story he wrote for the last Mad Scientist Journal called The Obelisk.

Mentions from Episode 106:

Joan Vinge
Mad Scientist issue with Cliff’s story
The Mad Scientist Journal book
Visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum – who are very nice people and not at all like Cliff’s story 🙂

If you find you love the idea of the Mad Scientist Journal, they are still alive on social media as follows:

DefCon One Publishing: Web / Facebook / Twitter
Dawn Vogel: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Patreon
Jeremy Zimmerman: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Patreon