Episode 116 – Interview with Christine Cianci

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill each holding a drink and floating in the number 100 with the title Writers Drinking Coffee below

Welcome to episode CXVI, where we talk to author Christine Cianci about her new book Walking the Mosaic. Christine is an amazing artist in multiple mediums, and adds science fiction to her portfolio with this new release. We caught up with her to talk about Rome, art, and the other influences in her creation.

Mentions from Episode 116:

Cover of the novel Walking the Mosaic by C. Cianci showing a blue mottled background with the ghostly images of three women.
A black and white image of the author Christine Cianci wearing black rectangular glasses and standing in front of a library of books.
A clay portrait of the author with flowers a Roman style with a low cut dress, hair flowing loose with a braided circlet, large gilded earrings, framed with Doric columns and a cherubic head in a triangular section overhead.
A three part clay piece of a woman dressed in flowing silk and covered in leaves. The top includes her head and neck; the center her torso showing her left arm curved up to touch her shoulder; and the bottom showing her hips and thighs.