Episode 161 – Eulogy and a First Novel with Annie O’Neill Stein

Photo of a white woman with short blonde hair wearing a green heather sweater with a white t-shirt underneath, and a small silver necklace around her neck

1950 – 2022

Annie O’Neill Stein was a retired actress turned journalist turned novelist (who also made a living doing costumes for commercials and photoshoots for a while, then did floral design for restaurants, as well as home interior design — a true Jane of All Trades and Hollywood Insider).
She wrote the novel titled Exit Wounds about a young girl growing up in an abusive, alcoholic household. It’s a novel about suppressed grieving and what happens when one doesn’t get to say goodbye or chase away the demons of a troubled parent. It’s also about forgiveness, redemption, and the struggle to find one’s own path.

Book cover for Exit Wounds by Annie O'Neill Stein showing the face of a young girl with long brown hair, behind a screen with a large tear through the middle showing part of the girl's face clearly
Exit Wounds is available through The Permanent Press publishing