Episode 172 – Make the Adventure you want to play in: GM talk with Norman Lutes

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

In which we discuss how to write – and run – good role-playing games with Norman Lutes (he/him). GMing and game writing have a lot in common with good story writing.
For example: Reading is to writing as playing is to GMing.
And: “What do you start with? A story? A setting?” …smacks of Plotting vs Pantsing or Game-mastering is a combination of critical path project management and storytelling in the fireside tradition or Writing a game is like writing software – spend the majority of your time planning for exceptions and errors.
And: Spoon-feeding vs. player involvement: it’s a balance or You can lead players back to the path if they go astray. But you need to have done some world-building, or at least world-stealing. Don’t forget to file off the serial numbers or If you ask your players for their characters’ backstories, don’t be surprised if they’re not interested when you fold it into the story.

Bonus: Role-playing via email: The story, backstory, player’s interests, and world-building all come together. AND it’s self-documenting!

Mentions from Episode 172:

  • The mashup that inspired this episode is equal parts:

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