Episode 190 – Welcome Back Raven Belasco

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

We are delighted that the talented Raven Belasco is back with us, talking about the latest anthology that was just released: Adventures in Bodily Autonomy. Raven edited fourteen amazing stories from some of our favorite authors that flow through multiple universes, space, and time, offering new perspectives on the issue of reproductive justice. The amazing writers all donated their stories so all profits go to Reproductive Freedom for All! She also got the rights to her Blood and Ancient Scrolls series back from her publisher, and talks about how and when a writer may need to do that.

A pale skinned, red headed person wearing a hot pink Writers Drinking Coffee shirt that matches her lipstick. She's holding copies of the three books from her Blood and Ancient Scrolls series, and a copy of Adventures in Bodily Autonomy
New covers for Blood and Ancient Scrolls
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Profits all go to Reproductive Freedom for All
(formerly NARAL)

Mentions from Episode 190:

Three covers for the Blood and Ancient Scrolls series. All are done in a dark cartoon style with book 1: Blood Ex Libris showing three people all staring left with the blade of a sword blazoned with the book title slicing down between then. Book 2: Blood Sine Qua Non shows a single person covered in blood, holding a short sword, with a cave of fire just behind her. Book 3: Blood Ad Infinitum is a close up of a person's face with their hair falling down around them, and in the shadow behind their head three dim figures seem to be arguing.