Episode 36 – Systemic Magic

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

When you’re world building for a story or novel, you need to figure out how magic works. The coffee shop writers chat about how to build something coherent, something that makes sense, and the pondering of magic that doesn’t get in the way of a story. Or how magic can become a story. And how red coffee is the best coffee.

Mentions from Episode 36:

What we want: An app that works with Kindle or other device reading electronica – if you hate it or want to throw it across the room for being terrible, you tap three fingers in a (Dun dun dun duuuuuuun) pattern. You get the sound of shattering glass, the downloaded book is removed from your phone/tablet, a 1-star “I hated it and launched it through a window” rating in your name is applied on Amazon.

Today’s Sponsor: Say it with us – “Red Coffee is the Best Coffee”