Episode 76 – Community Theatre with Damian Trasler

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There’s the novel, and then there is short fiction. There’s multi-act plays, and then there’s one-act plays and community theatre. We sat down with stunningly successful community theatre playwright and author Damian Trasler to talk about how to write (and run) custom shorter plays and productions for local productions.

Mentions from Episode 76:

Damian’s publisher Lazy Bee Scripts – one of the first theatrical publishers to be entirely online, allows plays to be read in their entirety before purchase, and a very nice man (unless you want to argue about rhyme, in which case, he’s a monster)

In his own words:

My e-books are a delight and a menace. They earn me no money, so aren’t worth putting in time and effort to improve or promote them, but without improvements and promotion they won’t earn any money. But they’re so seductively easy to knock together (the non-fic ones anyway. The long-form fiction appears to be constructed entirely of sections better authors have cut out of their novels for being too dull.)

Damian Trasler, Amazon.com author page