Episode 79 – A Sit Down with Sage & Savant

Sage & Savant's Chip and Eddie Clark; a man seated with a woman standing behind him her hand on his shoulder. They both wear formal clothes in blue silk and black velvet and short top hats
Sage & Savant by Varner Photography
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Today we sat down with the wife and husband team of Eddie Louise and Chip Clark from Sage & Savant, a serial podcast of steampunk adventures in Mad Science! Eddie wrote the serial adventure story and keep it going for years, while Chip composed music, created sound effects and other foley work. Come learn how they did it, and what they’re up to next!

Mentions from Episode 79:

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“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

Terry Pratchett
Sage & Savant; four people dressed in black and lit with bright blue lights look straight into the camera