Episode 80 – Midwinter Ghosts and Scary Stories

Cartoon of Death coaxing a ghost from a closet, by Judith Karen
Cartoon of Death by Judith Karen, 2020

The midwinter holidays have an old tradition of ghost stories and scary tales to whisper around the fire as people huddle close and wait for the light to return. We’ve recreated this for you with new spooky stories written by Chaz and Jeannie, and with a little help from John they’re going to read them to you.

Chaz’ story The Greenway Waits for You is (so far) exclusive to this podcast!

Jeannie’s Gingerbread Elf is published in Scary Snippets, Christmas Edition

John needs to step up and write his co-hosts a scary holiday story. We’re just saying.

New Music by Michael Engberg‘s Songs for Women I Don’t See Anymore bringing us a holiday feel


Hamakua Chocolate Farm "The Breath of the Gods"; view of Papaikou Beach from the Big Island of Hawaii
Caffeine provided in the form of delectable chocolates from Dan and Berndt at the Hamakua Chocolate Farm!