Episode 89 – Interview with Jennifer Brozek

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Jennifer has been nominated twice for the Bram Stoker award for horror, and won both the Bram Stoker and the Hugo Award for editing work. She’s written stories and novels for Battletech, Shadowrun, Valdemar, as well as many original stories and novels in YA Horror, Fantasy, and Sci Fi.

“You can be blunt or you can be vulgar but you can’t be both.”

Best Quote Ever: Jennifer Brozek

Mentions from Episode 89:

Coming soon – a Lovecraft poetry anthology with John Helfers called “Haiku Cthulhu” – watch for it on Kickstarter!

“Horror is not a genre, it is an emotion. It is a progressive form of fiction, one that evolves to meet the fears and anxieties of its times.”

Douglas E. Winter

“Horror is more a flavor than a genre.”

Jennifer Brozek