Episode One – The Beginning

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Writers Drinking Coffee.

This is a podcast based on writers sitting around, drinking coffee and/or occasionally wine, and talking about anything and everything. This week we will introduce you to your hosts; Chaz Brenchley, John Schmidt, and Jeannie Warner, and discuss how they each got into writing, along with other topics picked up idling by the barista counter.

Enjoy, and we’ll try to link things we talk about every week.

Bean Scene Café
Chaz Brenchley or @chazbrenchley
Jeannie Warner or @thetsmorgan
John Schmidt – @JohnRSchmidt

Casual mentions from Episode 1:

Jeannie’s writing group’s web pages:

Opening song: “Pretty Maid Milking a Cow”, 18th century Irish traditional.
Closing song: “Breakfast with a Morning Person” by Michael Engberg.
Both songs from the album “Bula Learns to Dance”, Michael Engberg, 2001 – www.manyhatsmusic.com