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Episode 139 – Interview with Emmy Nordstrom Higdon

Emmy Nordstrom Higdon joins us to talk about the publishing biz, especially challenges of the current global supply chain. If you ever wondered what Dostoevsky and Charmin have in common, Emmy happily explains the connection between wood pulp, garbage, shipping, and trans-oceanic trade. No country is an island of self-sufficiency, so come learn interconnectedness of all things required to get a new book into your hands or eReader. … Continue…Episode 139 – Interview with Emmy Nordstrom Higdon

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Episode 66 – Traveling with Pain and Liz Hamill

Haven’t you always wanted to travel the world and get paid for it? That’s the dream of being a food and travel writer. Liz is here to talk about the business and give you a reality check, as she describes how she found her way into the niche that got her noticed and published: How to successfully travel with a disability. When your disability isn’t that visible, there are special steps to take for traveling success. Liz takes us through some of those challenges as well as talking about how she made the leap from tech writing to travel writing. … Continue…Episode 66 – Traveling with Pain and Liz Hamill