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Episode 132 – Interview with Mark Shaiken

Mark Shaiken was an attorney for four decades before retiring to write books. He writes character-driven stories about bankruptcy, intrigue, and all the bad things that can happen once you start lying to your lawyer. Mark talks about his research and organization, and how he plans his plots out thoroughly so that (for a delightful change in the industry) even lawyers could love his books for their accuracy. … Continue…Episode 132 – Interview with Mark Shaiken

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Episode 94 – Interview with Aleksandr Voinov

Exploring topics in gay romance, and emotive expression open for men – and how reading novels outside your own experience act like empathy boxes of learning and understanding. Aleksandr’s character-driven approach to storytelling combines with research to create vivid stories and hot gay romance. They also have some excellent advice for writers on maintaining separation from a day job while avoiding misrepresentation of your identity. … Continue…Episode 94 – Interview with Aleksandr Voinov