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Episode 201 – Becoming Terran with Mark Roth-Whitworth

We welcome back Mark to talk about Becoming Terran, a near-future 2077 on this planet, describing how the people of Earth came together in one (okay, uneasy) Terran Confederation and reached for the stars. In his latest book, there is a conspiracy of plutocrats, a dynasty of brave women who understand when to fight for what they believe in, and some tasty genetic and surgical mod technology.
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Episode 102 – Crime and Euphemisms

We explore some of our favorite crime novels, the genre at large as part of mystery, and pick apart the differences between detective novels (tending to support law & order) vs caper novels (tending to be anti-establishment or radical) and the exceptions. Crime and caper novels can be historic or modern, and cross every genre. What do you need to think about when writing crime stories? We have some ideas. … Continue…Episode 102 – Crime and Euphemisms

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Episode 36 – Systemic Magic

When you’re world building for a story or novel, you need to figure out how magic works. The coffee shop writers chat about how to build something coherent, something that makes sense, and the pondering of magic that doesn’t get in the way of a story. Or how magic can become a story. And how red coffee is the best coffee. … Continue…Episode 36 – Systemic Magic