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Episode 144 – Interview with E.C. Ambrose

E.C. Ambrose joins us to talk about her upcoming book Drakemaster, a historical fantasy set in China that combines astronomy, magical devices, and a solid dose of historic research – using a fantastic variation of Su Song’s astronomical clock of 1090 CE. For those that love eastern lore, historic study, and a hearty dose of fantasy that tinges on thrillers set in the past, this book is for you! Whether thrillers, fantasies, or mysteries, E.C. can do it all! … Continue…Episode 144 – Interview with E.C. Ambrose

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Episode 97 – Chaz Brenchley’s Crater School Girls on Mars

In which we celebrate our own Chaz’ new book coming out in May 2021. Formerly only found if you were a Patreon member, now you can buy Three Twins at the Crater School in book format. Based on the concept of boarding school storylines from England, these posit a habitable Mars and a race to colonize the moons and planets in a steampunk Ethership universe. … Continue…Episode 97 – Chaz Brenchley’s Crater School Girls on Mars