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Episode 200 – Katharine Kerr does Sci Fi!

While many adore Katharine Kerr for the Deverry novels, lately she’s been leaving fantasy behind for a new setting – outer space. Kit joins us to talk about forging ahead into a new world she’s created in space, and how she thinks about world building, translating science and physics into fiction, and other tricks of a veteran wordsmith. Come join us and hear about the two new novels that will be coming out this fall – starting with Haze, set in the universe of her previous work, Polar City Blues, Snare, and Palace. … Continue…Episode 200 – Katharine Kerr does Sci Fi!

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Episode 102 – Crime and Euphemisms

We explore some of our favorite crime novels, the genre at large as part of mystery, and pick apart the differences between detective novels (tending to support law & order) vs caper novels (tending to be anti-establishment or radical) and the exceptions. Crime and caper novels can be historic or modern, and cross every genre. What do you need to think about when writing crime stories? We have some ideas. … Continue…Episode 102 – Crime and Euphemisms