Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 183 – Journey Back to Liadon

We welcome back Sharon Lee and Steve Miller to talk about their 25th Liadon book – Salvage Right, from Baen Books. They tell us about the space station that straddles two realities, as we debate where the cats might come in and own the place. There’s also an in-depth discussion of the dinkus and the telling detail, so you can learn something new! … Continue…Episode 183 – Journey Back to Liadon

Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 164 – An Interview with Jo Fletcher

Jo Fletcher built a publishing house, and has recently returned to her love of finding really good authors and making them better with freelance editing. Jo talks about how to find your repetitions, your bad habits, and talks about some of her observations in trends and genres – what goes around comes around again. A good read is a good read! Jo gives new writers plenty to think about. … Continue…Episode 164 – An Interview with Jo Fletcher

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Episode 99 – Notes and Notebooks

What’s in your notebook? The WDC crew all keep a little notebook of some fashion – although there’s discussion over moleskine, spiral notebooks, electronic Notes. Having a notebook in hand or in easy reach can help keep those nifty ideas from flitting back out of your brain by trapping them in ink or electrons. And then there’s refining the idea… … Continue…Episode 99 – Notes and Notebooks