Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 176 – Welcome back Kate Elliott!

We caught up with Kate Elliott again now that her second book in The Sun Chronicles is out: Furious Heaven. Your hosts are LOVING this gender-swapped Alexander the Great in space, and Kate talks in depth about her world building around how multiple countries find their way to the stars in the far future, and what kinds of societies they set up, and then how they all come into conflict. We discuss themes and plots and dive into questions that Kate won’t answer yet on Why Cloning is Forbidden. We can’t wait for the next book! Listen in and you’ll find out why! … Continue…Episode 176 – Welcome back Kate Elliott!

Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 110 – Interview with Isabelle Hardesty

Isabelle started as a fashion designer, and her eye for rich detail turned into a love of writing. She started with a short story for an Anthology, discovered world building, and from that writing the Delacourt Shapeshifter Trilogy sprang up. Her latest new book is out – The Witch of Belle Fleur, with a sequel on the way. Isabelle created an Afro-Latina protagonist based on her own Miami upbringing, and you might like her heroine’s journey to become lead witch of her small town. … Continue…Episode 110 – Interview with Isabelle Hardesty

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Episode 36 – Systemic Magic

When you’re world building for a story or novel, you need to figure out how magic works. The coffee shop writers chat about how to build something coherent, something that makes sense, and the pondering of magic that doesn’t get in the way of a story. Or how magic can become a story. And how red coffee is the best coffee. … Continue…Episode 36 – Systemic Magic