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Episode 133 – The Noir Snap Brim

In the shadows of both the beeriest and brightest cities in America lurk crime and corruption. One well dress civilized man wearing a snap brim fedora fights against the forces of evil. Who is this man?

David S. Pedersen has written some wonderful noir detective stories, and been short listed for the Lambda awards. He is an amateur architect, and doesn’t know why they are called snap brim fedoras either. These, and other questions are discussed in episode 133 of Writers Drinking Coffee. … Continue…Episode 133 – The Noir Snap Brim

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Episode 118 – Beans with Chaz

Chaz has new books out and coming soon, and we are all terribly excited about it! Chaz talks about his new collection the “Best of”, along with a new story on Tor.Com. And then there’s the Boarding School books and Outremer and a cookbook for next Christmas. And Karen got in print, too! There’s tons to celebrate at the Brenchley house, and you’re invited to share it. … Continue…Episode 118 – Beans with Chaz