Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 167 – Interview with Colm O’Shea

Colm O’Shea is a Clinical Associate Professor with the Expository Writing Program at NYU. Today he joins us to talk about his first science fiction book, Claiming De Wayke. It’s a marvelous dystopian novel set in the near future in a post-plague apocalyptic Ireland. Colm weighs many interesting topics in his book: What is the nature of consciousness? What does it mean to be human, and where does dignity lie? What is important, and what is fulfillment? Tayto is a charming tour guide for the reader into and out of his favorite place – the world he experiences through his VR halo – and a highly reluctant participant from time to time in reality, called by him de Wayke. … Continue…Episode 167 – Interview with Colm O’Shea

Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 114 – The Block Party

Anyone can get blocked in writing. It can be agonizing over an opening and how much exposition to put in, plotting how to take over the world, or even just herding cats to give you time to write. Jeannie invited Madeleine Robins and Cliff Winnig back to talk about their individual blocks in an attempt to crowdsource ideas about building plot events as a demonstration of how you might be able to get past blocks of your own with friends. … Continue…Episode 114 – The Block Party

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Episode 90 – Race, Romance, and Regency

It’s Black History month, and we all watched Bridgerton (and a certain Duke) over Christmas, right? We invite Madeleine Robins back and start pondering how to make our writing accurately reflect the cultural mélange that existed in London and beyond. From racism to classism, our writers look at our inherent biases, how “common knowledge” of history isn’t, and how it takes something evocative with a new spin to challenge our ideas of history. … Continue…Episode 90 – Race, Romance, and Regency