Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 180 – Alma Alexander re-releases WorldWeavers

Your WDC crew welcomes back Alma Alexander, who has won a great struggle with publishing rights to re-release her trilogy “WorldWeavers” with a bonus new fourth book coming out this November! WorldWeavers has all the magical youth and schooling of Certain Bestselling Books and Movies – but we like them even better! WorldWeavers posits a world where everyone knows about magic – it’s even regulated. Alma seamlessly blends American Spiritualism and gods, with fae-like creatures, magic, computers, and a scrappy bunch of young students you’ll adore. Thea is a splendid young heroine, and we think you’ll like her as much as we do. … Continue…Episode 180 – Alma Alexander re-releases WorldWeavers

Jakkal Designs 100th Episode shirt 2021

Episode 144 – Interview with E.C. Ambrose

E.C. Ambrose joins us to talk about her upcoming book Drakemaster, a historical fantasy set in China that combines astronomy, magical devices, and a solid dose of historic research – using a fantastic variation of Su Song’s astronomical clock of 1090 CE. For those that love eastern lore, historic study, and a hearty dose of fantasy that tinges on thrillers set in the past, this book is for you! Whether thrillers, fantasies, or mysteries, E.C. can do it all! … Continue…Episode 144 – Interview with E.C. Ambrose

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Episode 36 – Systemic Magic

When you’re world building for a story or novel, you need to figure out how magic works. The coffee shop writers chat about how to build something coherent, something that makes sense, and the pondering of magic that doesn’t get in the way of a story. Or how magic can become a story. And how red coffee is the best coffee. … Continue…Episode 36 – Systemic Magic