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Episode 157 – Scenes from a Latinx Restaurant

Dr. Natalia Molina joins us to talk about her latest book, A Place at the Narayit, a non-fiction historical account about her grandmother’s restaurant opened in Los Angeles in the 1960s. It’s a fascinating history of the region, both from the perspective of laws and statues designed to limit where immigrants could live, and a celebration of life and diversity that grew and flowered into a cultural space in the Echo Park neighborhood. … Continue…Episode 157 – Scenes from a Latinx Restaurant

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Episode 95 – Memoir Writing with Jill Phillips

There are so many people who talk about writing down family memoirs. We interviewed Jill Phillips, who has completed her first novel of non-fiction memoirs to talk about her process, her journey, and her recommendations for anyone thinking it’s time to start writing their own family stories. She describes how to start and set yourself up for success, deliberations on whose truth to go with, and other important decisions a memoir will need to make. … Continue…Episode 95 – Memoir Writing with Jill Phillips