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Episode 131 – Interview with Josh Rountree

Josh Rountree writes sci fi, fantasy, and horror short stories that excite us for the way he uses America as “a character that fights and claws and screams its way through most of my stories. Sometimes a hero and sometimes a villain. Broken but hopeful. Trying to figure things out.” Josh is a frequent choice for fantasy and horror award noms, and has a great slant on the craft of short story writing, especially in terms of evoking the feelings from music. … Continue…Episode 131 – Interview with Josh Rountree

A pencil, a ball point pen, and a quill sitting in lounge chairs drinking coffee; Title: Writers Drinking Coffee

Episode 71 – Putting a Toe in the Water

This is about openings, and new beginnings. This is a discussion on how writers pull us in and make us unable not to read the next sentence. Sometimes a first line is like the opening guitar riff to your favorite song, unforgettable and unmistakable. Some authors have said they can’t write a story until they have landed the first line. Today we talked about our favorites, and what we loved about them. … Continue…Episode 71 – Putting a Toe in the Water