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Episode 201 – Becoming Terran with Mark Roth-Whitworth

We welcome back Mark to talk about Becoming Terran, a near-future 2077 on this planet, describing how the people of Earth came together in one (okay, uneasy) Terran Confederation and reached for the stars. In his latest book, there is a conspiracy of plutocrats, a dynasty of brave women who understand when to fight for what they believe in, and some tasty genetic and surgical mod technology.
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Episode 165 – Interview with Delilah Dawson

Delilah is the dark fairy godmother of hilarious and occasionally grisly fiction. From collaboration with Kevin Hearne to writing in the Star Wars canon universe, Delilah moves through genres and pseudonyms with grace and ease. Her newest book is something different – The Violence is a story exploring the dark sides of abuse in families and societies, while posing the “What if?” question of the results of a strange condition where people go suddenly wild with violence – then back again. Is The Violence fantasy about a spell or enchantment? Is it a carefully crafted social disease? You’ll have to read it to find out! The violence is graphic and can be triggering – but the discussion is deeply thoughtful and the ending is oddly satisfying. … Continue…Episode 165 – Interview with Delilah Dawson