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Episode 114 – The Block Party

Anyone can get blocked in writing. It can be agonizing over an opening and how much exposition to put in, plotting how to take over the world, or even just herding cats to give you time to write. Jeannie invited Madeleine Robins and Cliff Winnig back to talk about their individual blocks in an attempt to crowdsource ideas about building plot events as a demonstration of how you might be able to get past blocks of your own with friends. … Continue…Episode 114 – The Block Party

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Episode 92 – Interview with Bruce Holland Rogers

Bruce helps advance the question what the term “literary” means. Is it a commercial label? Is it a publishing market category for how to put similar books together in a bookstore? Class distinction or participation is one way to look, but so is technical accomplishment. In any case, learning to write seems a noble (and spiritual) way to squander your time as well as a social network, and Bruce has been amazing over a long and fruitful career as both a writer and educator. … Continue…Episode 92 – Interview with Bruce Holland Rogers